CLEP Cost Advantage

CLEP exam online prep courseEduNationNow Online CLEP Study Courses can save you up to 90% – and more!

online CLEP study guidesEduNationNow offers an affordable alternative to both traditional colleges and universities – as well as online universities such as those that have been in the news recently. Here’s how the numbers stack up:

The average cost for a 3 credit course (including associated expenses and fees) at a…

  • Private College/University – $3550 ¹
  • University of Phoenix – $1663 ²
  • Public College/University – $1500 ¹
  • EduNationNow Online CLEP Study Guide – $179 + $97 CLEP exam fee = $276

You can save more than 90% of the cost with EduNationNow as opposed to taking the same 3 credit course at a Private College/University.

Find the right online CLEP study course for you.

Much more than just an online provider of college courses

EdunationNow offers a unique online study method and an interactive testing system guides students through the subject matter to be tested, and provides instant learning feedback to prepare them to take the CLEP exam.

¹  The College Board – Trends in College Pricing (2009)
²  from

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