Which colleges accept CLEP credits?

Most colleges and universities grant credit for CLEP exams

online study guide for CLEP examMore than 2,900 accredited colleges and universities award credit for passing scores on CLEP exams. However – each institution has its own policy for which courses qualify for CLEP credits, the exam scores required to earn the credits, and how much credit will be granted.

It is imperative that you check directly with the college or university you plan to attend before taking a CLEP exam, in order to be certain that the CLEP exam you wish to take qualifies for credit.

Find out if your college/university awards credits for passing CLEP exams

Where to find a college’s CLEP policy

Colleges typically list their CLEP policies in their general catalog, under a heading such as Credit-by-Examination, Advanced Standing, Advanced Placement, or External Degree Program. If you can’t find this information, ask the admission or registrar’s office for a copy of the college’s credit-by-examination policy.

How much credit can you earn?

Not all colleges award the same amount of CLEP credit for individual tests. Additionally, some colleges place a limit on the total amount of credit you can earn through CLEP. Other colleges may grant exemptions but no credit toward your degree (e.g. another class must be taken in its place).

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Minimum qualifying score

Most colleges also publish the required scores for earning CLEP credit in their general catalog. The required score for earning CLEP credit may vary between colleges, and differ from exam to another. It’s important to find out your college’s minimum qualifying score for each exam you plan to take.

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