CLEP Humanities

Humanities CLEP Exam Preparation

Online CLEP Exam Course for Humanities

CLEP exam prep HumanitiesThe Humanities CLEP exam tests general knowledge of literature, art, music, and the other performing arts. It is broad in coverage, with questions on all periods from classical to contemporary and in many different fields: poetry, prose, philosophy, art, architecture, music, dance, theater, and film.

The CLEP exam for Humanities requires candidates to demonstrate their understanding of the humanities through recollection of specific information, comprehension and application of concepts, and analysis and interpretation of various works of art.

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CLEP exam prep HumanitiesThe CLEP exam for Humanities will require the student to:

  • have knowledge of factual information such as authors, works, etc.;
  • recognize techniques such as rhyme scheme, medium, and matters of style;
  • identify characteristics of certain writers, artists, schools, or periods; and
  • understand and interpret unfamiliar literary passages and art reproductions.

The Humanities CLEP exam consists of 140 questions to be answered within 90 minutes.

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  1. Vanessa Casillas says:

    Which CLEP exams do I need to take to satisfy ENG101 and SOC101?

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