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Introductory Psych CLEP Exam Preparation

Online CLEP Exam Course for Intro Psychology

CLEP exam prep for Intro PsychologyThe Introductory Psychology CLEP exam covers material taught in a one-semester undergraduate course. It stresses basic facts, concepts, and generally accepted principles of psychology, such as:

  • behavior;
  • perception;
  • consciousness;
  • learning;
  • emotion;
  • personality;
  • health; and
  • the mathematics of psychology.

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CLEP exam prep for Intro PsychologyThe Intro Psych CLEP test expects students to know:

  • terms and principles;
  • significant psychologists and major theoretical approaches;
  • comprehend, evaluate, and analyze situations; and
  • apply understanding to those situations.

The Introductory Psych CLEP exam consists of 95 questions to be answered within 90 minutes.

Learning & Cognition (18-20% of CLEP Exam)

  • Non-Associative Learning
  • Associative Learning
  • Thinking & Language
  • Memory & Intelligence

History & Methods of Psychology; Biological Bases of Behavior (16-18% of CLEP Exam)

  • History of Psychology
  • Modern Approaches to Understanding Human Behavior
  • Research Methods
  • Neurons & Neurotransmitters
  • Sub-Systems of the Nervous System
  • Brain Organization

Motivation, Emotions, & Development (15-17% of CLEP Exam)

  • Motivation & Emotion
  • Developmental Research Methods
  • Theory of Cognitive Development
  • Psycho-Social Development
  • Moral Development

Sensation, Perception, & Consciousness (12-14% of CLEP Exam)

  • Definitions
  • Patterns of Waking & Sleeping
  • Sleep Disorders & Dreams
  • Altered States of Consciousness

Psychological Disorders (8-9% of CLEP Exam)

  • Disorders
  • Explanations for Abnormal Behavior

Personality (7-8% of CLEP Exam)

  • Personality Approaches

Psychological Therapies (7-8% of CLEP Exam)

  • Therapy Approaches

Social Psychology (7-8% of CLEP Exam)

  • Social Cognition & Influence
  • Social Relations: Aggression, Altruism

Testing, Measurement, & Statistics (3-4% of CLEP Exam)

  • Reliability, Validity, & Standardization
  • Descriptive Statistics & Statistical Inference
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