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western civ clep study guideThe Western Civ I CLEP Exam (Ancient Near East to 1648) covers material usually taught in the first semester of a two-semester course in Western Civilization. The CLEP exam in Western Civ I deals with civilizations of Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East; the Middle Ages; the Renaissance and Reformation and early modern Europe.

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Western Civ CLEP study guideThe Western Civ I CLEP exam requires students to demonstrate their ability to:

  • understand important factual knowledge of developments in western civilization;
  • identify the causes and effects of major historical events;
  • analyze, interpret, and evaluate textual and graphic materials;
  • distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant; and
  • reach conclusions on the basis of facts.

The Western Civ I CLEP Exam will determine whether the student is able to:

  • choose the correct definition of a historical term;
  • select the historical figure whose political viewpoint is described;
  • identify the correct relationship between to historical factors; and
  • detect the inaccurate pairing of an individual with a historical event.

Groups of questions may require candidates to interpret, evaluate, or relate the contents of a passage, a map, or a picture to other information, or to analyze the data contained in a graph or table.

The Western Civilization I CLEP exam allows 90 minutes to answer 120 questions in the following topic areas:

Ancient Near East (8 – 10% of CLEP Exam)

  • Regional, Cultural, and Technical Development

Ancient & Hellenistic Greece (15 – 17% of CLEP Exam)

  • Political Evolution to Periclean Athens
  • Periclean Athens to Peloponnesian Wars
  • Ancient Culture, Religion, and Thought
  • Hellenistic Culture, Religion, and Thought

Ancient Rome (15 – 17% of CLEP Exam)

  • Political Evolution of the Republic and Empire
  • Thought & Culture
  • Religion & Early Christianity
  • Germanic Invasions
  • The Late Empire

Medieval History (23 – 27% of CLEP Exam)

  • Eastern Empires
  • Early Politics & Culture
  • Feudal/Manorial Institutions
  • The Medieval Church
  • Medieval Thought & Culture
  • Rise of the Towns & Changing Economic Forms
  • Feudal Monarchies
  • Late Medieval Church

Renaissance & Reformation (13 – 17% of CLEP Exam)

  • Italian Renaissance
  • The European Renaissance
  • The New Monarchies
  • Protestant & Catholic Reformation

Early Modern Europe (10 – 15% of CLEP Exam)

  • Opening of the Atlantic
  • The Commercial Revolution
  • Dynastic & Religious Conflicts
  • Thought & Culture
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